Welcome to the Santa Ana College Online Scholarship Application


Scholarships are both need-based and merit-based awards. Some scholarships are available to students who are not eligible to apply for federal financial aid. Specific qualifications and enrollment eligibility for the various scholarships will be searchable on both our college and incoming scholarship applications on this website. After completing the appropriate application, details on other important dates, etc. will be communicated directly to each applicant.


  • Our SAC Annual College Scholarship Application is available to those continuing at Santa Ana College and to students transferring to four-year University as a junior. 


  • Our Rolling Scholarship Application is available to those continuing at Santa Ana College. 


  • Our Santa Ana College Incoming Student Scholarship Application is for those students entering Santa Ana College for the first time upon graduation from high school.


For questions, information or assistance, please email the Scholarship Program at scholarship@sac.edu or call (714) 564-6478.




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When creating your user name and password, use something that you will be able to remember for future log-ins. You may wish to save your user name and password in a secure location for future reference. When selecting a password, please note that your password must be eight characters long and contain characters from three of the following four groups:

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A sample password is Welcome2